Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rock Lover

I saw you climbing heavenward
Silhouetted, flesh on rock
Poised between your life and mine.
No eagle, I, nor even flea;
My leaps are tightly kept within
A heartbeat, catching my dry throat.
Did you slip? I gasp.
My eyes would turn
And run away
But love constrains me here
To wait, and wait again.
You love the rock far more than I.
Your lover, cold and grim
Suspends you as you toy with death
Feints a hand, then laughs to see
You scramble to regain your grip.
You've never held me quite so tightly;
Must I then become a Fate?
Atropos, my scissors poised
To slice the rope that binds you there
To bring you back to me.